Veudet’s meticulously curated selection of textiles is sourced from the most reputable establishments. Boasting decades of experience and world-class craftsmanship, our exquisite fabric collections have made it to fashion and home decor catalogs. Upholstery is never quite the same as before, especially with a sheer variety of fabric patterns and up to 90 different colours for each item.

Rioma has been designing and manufacturing textiles for upholstery and home decoration for more than 40 years. With proven experience in more than 80 countries, we stand out for the enthusiastic and specialized dedication of our department of Design. More than a hundred proposals giving rise to new collections within our contemporary, classic and children’s –youthful lines are developed every year by the department of Design. Rioma is internationally recognized thanks to the hallmark of our designs, as well as for creating trends with a contemporary style of intense colours, together with our classic and minimalist collections.

3Beaches luxurious woven fabrics are designed in Australia by an award-winning team of designers. Sonya Romeo and Niamh Brennan collaborate on each and every design infusing their individual inspiration from experiences all over the world. As a team they understand the importance of style and attention to detail. Each collection transcends timeless style packaged within a unique theme customised to suit a variety of outdoor environments.

Equipo DRT is a global textile editor that talks about the latest trends in habitat through its fabrics. Their creative team articulates all their designs combining expert technical knowledge with a passion for textiles. They draw their inspiration from the latest trends in fashion and interior design, bringing into full play the synergies with international markets, new developments in threads, weaving techniques and textile finishes. Each of our fabrics (sheers, prints, upholstery, outdoor, contract…) is born out of a constant desire for improvement and attempts to inspire the creation of spaces filled with imagination. Equipo DRT and its fabrics talk, listen, decorate and inspire.



Novalin wallcovering is made of 100% of the finest Belgian linen and is produced in Sweden. The use of pure natural linen fibres on a paper base gives your walls a warm and tactile feel. Available in 63 colours, Novalin brings the ultimate in subtle luxury to any style of interior, ranging from the more minimalistic to the extravagant and opulent.

Jerry Pair Leather provides high-end European hides for today’s luxury interiors. We offer a multitude of textures, and are known for both stand-out color choices as well as a fun personality. An enthusiastically chic, “always in style” outlook coupled with a signature play on words makes Jerry Pair Leather a clever and memorable player in the high-end leathers industry.

Customer-friendly, in stock with no charge for overage policies, as well as competitive pricing for luxury impact, makes Jerry Pair Leather a true original in the interior leathers market.